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    This page is for all of us to share some of our information, photos, stories, experiences or even recipes while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Send your article or picture the way you would like it to appear and I will copy and paste it to the web page. Just email your article to the Webmaster.

    We all have something to submit. Everyone has a story or photo to share that happened when they were on the Moosehead Trail, 100 Mile Wilderness or the back roads of Elliottsville, Monson, Willimantic, Abbot, Guilford, Moosehead Lake or Greenville. Or maybe more locally around Borestone Mountain, Greenwood Pond or Onawa Lake.  





What are fiddleheads? For people that don't know, they are a fern. People pick them when they first come out of the ground in early spring. The season is short, only 2 to 3 weeks

Fiddleheads ready to be picked

Fiddleheads cleaned and ready to be cooked




* Add 1 lb. pasta ( ziti, penne or your favorite) to a large pot of boiling water and cook as directed on the package.  

* To the cooking pasta, add precooked fiddleheads for about the last 1 to 2 minutes of  pasta cooking time just to get them hot (about a quart of fiddleheads but the amount is to your liking ).

* Optional shrimp ( picture shows Maine native shrimp but any other shrimp can be used ): if the shrimp are precooked add when you add the fiddleheads, if the shrimp are not precooked add them 2 to 3 minutes before depending on the size. (amount and size are to your liking)

* Everything in the pot should be cooked and hot at the same time.  

* When cooked, drain well and put back into the pot or a large bowl. 

*Add: salt, pepper, garlic powder, about 1/2 cup ( more or less) of good olive oil and stir everything well.

* Serve while hot ( topped with grated cheese if desired).


Beverly D'Ambrosio





 Insect bites and stings: First aid

Safety & Survival part 1

The Lost Town of Wilson

























Elliottsville Twp.  and Onawa is located just off the Moosehead Trail in the 100 mile wilderness between Guilford and Greenville. Elliottsville has great Fishing, Hunting and Snowmobiling. Our Snowmobile Trails are Groomed and well maintained, they are great for family riding.

We also have many unique towns near by Dover-Foxcroft, Guilford, Willimantic, Sangerville, Abbot, Abbot Village, Blanchard, Shirley, Monson and Greenville. 

Come and enjoy our trails that are surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachian Trail, Bodfish Valley,  Big Wilson Stream, Borestone Mountain, Barren Mountain, Benson Mountain, Greenwood Mountain, Greenwood Pond, Sebec Lake, Onawa Trestle and Onawa Lake. Close by we have Monson Pond and Lake Hebron in the town of Monson Maine.

Fishing at it's finest Brook Trout, Salmon and Lake Trout ( Togue ) in the Lakes Ponds and Streams. ( Onawa Lake, Greenwood Pond Grindstone Pond, Sebec Lake, Monson Pond, Lake Hebron, Shirley Pond and Moosehead Lake to name a few. Most of them are also Ice Fishing Waters.

We have it all in this section of Maine. It is place to enjoy all seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in Elliottsville Moosehead Trail 100 Mile Wilderness.

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