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ON THE TRAILS is a new page and is in addition to the Trails Page.

ON THE TRAILS will be information on what's happening on the trails throughout the season. As information becomes available we will keep you up to date on trail conditions and he will also need your feedback with any suggestions.

The Trails Page is more of a permanent posting about our trail system, such as maps, safety and other important information people should know about our trails.

E-Ville Riders Snowmobile Club
Elliottsville Twp. Maine



Future Trail up-dates will be going out to just club members, non members can check facebook or our web page for up-dates



Thanks now to the representive from the Greenville office of the IFW Dept and Elliottsville Plantation Inc we now can get on to the lake by Snowmobile.
Anglers can now access the pond from the snowmobile trails north of the Town Office in Bowerbank. The E-Ville Riders Snowmobile Club will continue keeping the trail open to RR Crossing, but will not cross the RR Tracks to open the trail for the last 2 tenths. The reason we will not cross the tracks is because when the trail was closed we gave up our right from the RR to use the crossing and we did not renew the required  insurance for the use of the crossing.
The two main entrances to our trails is from the trailhead off the Elliottsville Rd or from the Shippond  Stream Trail which is off the Green Point Rd in Willamantic.




Hi  Everyone

 WOW what a day, it was beautiful out and we finished the trails today.

The only problem I buried   the sled in a 6 foot  snow drift on the Long Pond Trail and it was not easy to get out.

Anyone snowmobiling on this trail has to be careful of two things.

1. Snowdrifts at all the clear cuts if it is windy.

2. Moose we couldn't get pictures but they kept coming out on the trails after we groom. They are smart and know where  it is easy to walk.

Our trails are in great shape smooth and fast with the help of the sunny days and cold nights.

We have a new ways to smooth the trails and it is working great.

The only trail that we could not completely open was the Richard Thomas Trail. That was due to the previous 50 and 60 mph winds which made snow drifts that we could not get  through.

You can use it to get to Onawa Lake.

We don't have any bad weather predicted for a week or better other than some snow showers.

I hope everyone enjoys the trails and are proud of them, they are in great shape thanks to the hard work of Bruce Elliott, Steve Roy, Cameron Roy, David Brigham and my wife who with one leg in a cast had lunches and suppers waiting for us when returned.

 This might be the last trail report of the season, but not the last update. The winter is for snowmobiling and the summer is for some socials. We have a great club with great members and it shouldn't be just a seasonal  activity.


 On behalf of the officers and Board of Directors we want to thank you for you support and be safe




Hi Everyone

Over the weekend we got another 8 inches of snow

Other than yesterday with the Temp  getting up in the 30's  there is no end to this cold and windy  weather.

Today it was cold and windy and right now -20 below zero and that is not the chill factor, I don't want to know what it is. We did most of the trails today and will finish the rest in the next couple of days depending on the weather.

The snow is sticky from the warm weather which is making it pack down and the grooming has  made the trails flat and fast. We dragged plenty of snow to fill in all the low spots and holes on the Bunny Trail and Kings Crossover through the woods, you will be surprised how smooth they are.The best all winter and we should  have great snowmobiling as long as the wind stops blowing the snow back on the trails.

We don't have any snow storms predicted till Sunday night and that brings us to March and I don't know how much more grooming we will be doing.

It has been a long winter and we are cold , wind blown and have already met the maximum amount of our grant from the state.

Stay safe enjoy our trails and stay in touch.




Hi Everyone

 Just a quick up-date. The winds finally died down on Wednesday and we got about 8 inches of snow on Thursday. Between the high winds and the snow you would have never known the trails  were groomed.

Bruce and I were out all day yesterday and today grooming and widening the trails, we will be out early in the morning to do the Long Pond Trail and a section of the Richard Thomas Trail. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to get up to 37 and then get cold the rest of the week, which will be great for the trails. I can't remember the last time the temp was above freezing.

Have a nice weekend and be safe.




Hi Everyone
All our club trails are shown with names on the New Moosehead Lake Region Map.
I have been in contact with other clubs and shared information. I was asked by the Blue Ridge Riders in Rockwood to participate in up dating their map a few months ago. You will find that this map is first quality in information, color, pictures and paper. Thanks to Amy Lane and the Blue Ridge Riders and their hard work getting sponsors, it was no cost to our club.
I haven't had a chance to go to Rockwood to pick up some maps, you can get one at any sponsor business in the area. In the mean time I will try to get to Rockwood.
Have a nice evening.



Hi Everyone
The Good News  last 3 days Cameron Roy, Steve Roy and myself put a total of 45 hours dragging and widening all our trails. The trails were in good shape last night it was cold and windy. We cut a lot of alders along the Long Pond Trail but couldn't get all of it so be careful when you come out of the narrows. The strong winds kept us off Onawa Lake because of a lack of visibility.
The Bad News last night it got colder down to -20 Below Zero and the winds got stronger as the night went on with gust as high as 50 MPH keeping us awake.
No different today the winds have not let up .We did go out today to  check for fallen trees only to find that our trails are all wind blown and have to be dragged again. Some places the snow blew off the trail exposing bare ground and other places we found drifts over the trail.
I will not be dragging till the wind subsides, it is just useless right now. Cam & Steve had to leave but I expect Bruce on Wednesday and hope to be back out then.
Today we had a high of 2 degrees and now the sun set we are at -10 Below Zero.and still windy.
Have a nice evening  and be safe.



Hi Everyone

 It has been awhile  since the last up-date and the reason was Bev fell Feb is't  and injured  her  ankle  and foot. We spent 4 hours in the ER and 2 days later we both came down with a Virus. It wasn't easy but we kept  the trails open to the help of David Brigham and Mike Mirabito  .

Today Steve and Cameron Roy and myself spent the day out grooming and widening trails  and they are in great shape.

It is snowing again tonight and we are to  get another 5 to 8 inches. We are planning to be out all day tomorrow so we can maintain the trails.

I will be sending out separately copies of the trail map along with some information.





 Hi Everone

Bruce and I were out all day Friday and cut some down trees and groomed half of the trails.
We were planning to go out today and do the rest but we had extremely high winds Friday night and today along with another 12 inches of snow.   So I decided not to go it was just to dangerous with 40 to 50 mph winds.
We will be going out tomorrow and more than likely most of next week. We are getting  2 more storms one on Monday and then again on Wednesday.
We have plenty of snow, the only problem is the cold weather and below zero at night the snow is dry and don't pack well. But we will take.
Anyone that would like to help out let me know.
Enjoy our trails and be safe.




Hi Everyone

 We finally have some good news, Plenty of Snow Tuesday about 18 inches.
We will be braking trails and grooming so we will have good snowmobiling for the weekend.
The only trail that we will not maintain this year is the Elliottsville Trail which goes to Monson. I have met with the Narrow Gauge Club and we mutually agreed that we would not break open or groom it because they were not able to replace  the 3 bridges on their end and we could not get permission from a land owner for a section of trail.
I have been working on a new trail going to Monson and hope we will have it for next season.
Stay in touch and be safe.



 Hi Everyone

 It has been nice chatting with many of you either by phone, email and text about the conditions of the trails. The open communication has been working and I'm glad that you feel part of the club. Let's keep the open dialogue and I enjoy communicating with all of you.  I will be passing on the complements and suggestions you have made to the board.
Sorry to say that we really haven't had much snowmobiling. It seems when we get snow we also get rain. This past weekend we got a lot of rain and now it turned cold leaving us with about 6 inches of frozen snow and ice.
 It's possible that we might get some snow Sunday night or Monday I will keep you informed.
The only trail work we have been doing is cutting some brush and cleaning up all the fallen branches and trees that came down with all the wind.
Our snowmobiles and drags are ready to groom we just need snow .

Stay Safe Everyone  and THINK SNOW



Hi Everyone

 On behalf of the Officers, Board of Directors and myself, we wish you all a Happy New Year.
Currently, we do not have any snowmobiling, There is some snow on the ground but frozen and there are  bare spots and running water.
I heard that the AMC had canceled reservations for people staying at their camps to go snowshoeing.
The ice fishing has started today but use extreme  caution, not all lakes and ponds are safe right now.
We all know that the snow conditions can change overnight and we might get snow Sat night. Last night the temperature was below zero. We will keep you informed of any change.
Anyone who would like to help groom the trails when the snow arrives send me an email.

Stay Safe and Think Snow












Elliottsville Twp.  and Onawa is located just off the Moosehead Trail in the 100 mile wilderness between Guilford and Greenville. Elliottsville has great Fishing, Hunting and Snowmobiling. Our Snowmobile Trails are Groomed and well maintained, they are great for family riding.

We also have many unique towns near by Dover-Foxcroft, Guilford, Willimantic, Sangerville, Abbot, Abbot Village, Blanchard, Shirley, Monson and Greenville. 

Come and enjoy our trails that are surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachian Trail, Bodfish Valley,  Big Wilson Stream, Borestone Mountain, Barren Mountain, Benson Mountain, Greenwood Mountain, Greenwood Pond, Sebec Lake, Onawa Trestle and Onawa Lake. Close by we have Monson Pond and Lake Hebron in the town of Monson Maine.

Fishing at it's finest Brook Trout, Salmon and Lake Trout ( Togue ) in the Lakes Ponds and Streams. ( Onawa Lake, Greenwood Pond Grindstone Pond, Sebec Lake, Monson Pond, Lake Hebron, Shirley Pond and Moosehead Lake to name a few. Most of them are also Ice Fishing Waters.

We have it all in this section of Maine. It is place to enjoy all seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in Elliottsville Moosehead Trail 100 Mile Wilderness.