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Presidents Message

Hi Everyone,
Presently we have over 65  miles of trails that we have been maintaining and grooming. This year there will be a cut back of trails because of logging  operations in the area. We will still have plenty of scenic trails for snowmobiling.
I know it will effect some of you, so please contact me for some alternatives we might have.
Anyone who would like to help groom trails please contact me, We probably won't start grooming till the middle of Jan unless we get a big change in weather.  
At the bottom of the letter is listed  the open and closed trails.
On behalf of the Officers and Board of Directors we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Trails Open for Snowmobiling 2016
C & E Trail & Trailhead
Bunny Trail
Old Onawa Rd Trail
Onawa Lake to the Richard Thomas Trail
Richard Thomas Trail North of the trestle
Long Pond Trail
Wilson Falls Trail ( new this year Elliottsville Rd to the Falls & Return )
Elliottsville Trail ( will be groomed by the Narrow  Gauge Club this year )
Elliottsville Rd from the top of Ledge Hill to the Old Onawa rd
Greenwood Pond Rd
Onawa Rd from the Elliottsville Rd to the Parking Lot  ( new this year )
Bodfish Valley Rd from the Elliottsville Rd to the Long Pond Stream Trail
Trails Closed for Snowmobiling 2016  ( DUE TO LOGING )
Parlin Trail
Kings X Over
Ship Pond Stream Trail
Buttermilk Trail
Benson Trail
Richard Thomas Trail  ( from the Benson Trail to the Trestle )


 Hi Everyone
Bruce and I were out all day Friday and cut some down trees and groomed half of the trails.
We were planning to go out today and do the rest but we had extremely high winds Friday night and today along with another 12 inches of snow.   So I decided not to go it was just to dangerous with 40 to 50 mph winds.
We will be going out tomorrow and more than likely most of next week. We are getting  2 more storms one on Monday and then again on Wednesday.
We have plenty of snow, the only problem is the cold weather and below zero at night the snow is dry and don't pack well. But we will take.
Anyone that would like to help out let me know.
Enjoy our trails and be safe.


We finally have some good news, Plenty of Snow Tuesday about 18 inches.
We will be braking trails and grooming so we will have good snowmobiling for the weekend.
The only trail that we will not maintain this year is the Elliottsville Trail which goes to Monson. I have met with the Narrow Gauge Club and we mutually agreed that we would not break open or groom it because they were not able to replace  the 3 bridges on their end and we could not get permission from a land owner for a section of trail.
I have been working on a new trail going to Monson and hope we will have it for next season.
Stay in touch and be safe.



 Hi Everyone
 It has been nice chatting with many of you either by phone, email and text about the conditions of the trails. The open communication has been working and I'm glad that you feel part of the club. Let's keep the open dialogue and I enjoy communicating with all of you.  I will be passing on the complements and suggestions you have made to the board.
Sorry to say that we really haven't had much snowmobiling. It seems when we get snow we also get rain. This past weekend we got a lot of rain and now it turned cold leaving us with about 6 inches of frozen snow and ice.
It's possible that we might get some snow Sunday night or Monday I will keep you informed.
The only trail work we have been doing is cutting some brush and cleaning up all the fallen branches and trees that came down with all the wind.
Our snowmobiles and drags are ready to groom we just need snow .
Stay Safe Everyone  and THINK SNOW


Hi Everyone
On behalf of the Officers, Board of Directors and myself, we wish you all a Happy New Year.
Currently, we do not have any snowmobiling, There is some snow on the ground but frozen and there are  bare spots and running water.
I heard that the AMC had canceled reservations for people staying at their camps to go snowshoeing.
The ice fishing has started today but use extreme  caution, not all lakes and ponds are safe right now.
We all know that the snow conditions can change overnight and we might get snow Sat night. Last night the temperature was below zero. We will keep you informed of any change.
Anyone who would like to help groom the trails when the snow arrives send me an email.
Stay Safe and Think Snow




Hi Everyone

The results of the recent election was to keep the current Board of Directors;  
 Bruce Elliott, Stephen Roy and Angelo D'Ambrosio for the next 3 years.
The Board discussed the club officers and decided that the following  appointments will enhance the team to achieve the goals of the club for the next 3 years.
President:         Angelo D'Ambrosio
Vic President:   David Brigham
Treasurer:        Ewen Farnham
Secretary:         Beverly D'Ambrosio
The Board would like to thank our members for the vote of confidence and all the encouraging  comments and emails.
The team we have now is anxious to get going and move forward to achieve the plans that have  been outlined in the recent up-dates. The only obstacle we have right now is the extremely  cold weather, icy roads and trails and heavy frost that has penetrated the ground. This morning the temperature was 8 degrees and windy.
The Club has donated 4 turkeys with all the trimmings to 4 needy families- 2 families in Monson  and 2 families in Willimantic.
I met with the county manager and have spoken to all the land owners, I have received  verbal permission for the same trails we had last year except for a section of the Elliottsville Trail. I just need to complete some paper work .
I will have more information about the Elliottsville Trail in the next up-date.
On behalf of the Board and Directors, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving  and a safe holiday.




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